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Dear Family & Friends of Celebration Of Life 2000, With your help, Celebration Of Life 2000 Breast Cancer Awareness Program is meeting the needs of women, children and families in our communities every day.

Since 2000, we have been on the forefront of the changing needs of some of our most vulnerable constituents from the very young to our senior citizens, from those new to the community and new to our county to those dealing with serious life issues. We have been there to identify and meet the needs while living our mission of no one should travel this Breast Cancer journey alone. Each year, women, children and families access needed services and gain valuable life skills from Celebration Of Life 2000 Health Fairs, Seminars, and Workshops. It is a place where we empower those who need us. Women are helped financially, gain independence, find support with other women surviving breast cancer, and make connections with other Survivors, and Caregivers.

With your support, we do all this and much more. Celebration Of Life 2000 is continually working with the community to identify emerging needs and provide creative solutions to deal with these challenges head on. We not only address the growing problem of women being diagnosed at earlier ages, we also confront the disparities of health care that exist and we also teach children the positive message that “Early Detection Saves lives”. In a community as diverse as ours, every aspect of what we do is aimed at inclusiveness, respect, empowerment and diversity.

Your support is critical to the work we do and will help us continue to grow and meet new challenges in our communities.

Our mission of eliminating Breast Cancer and empowering women is a vibrant thread in all that we do. Your donation will help make sure that we're there whenever we're needed in 2013.

Please make your tax-deductible year-end gift today.

To Donate go to the Contact Us page or you can mail your Check or Money Order to:

Celebration Of life 2000

P.O.Box 1634, Trenton, NJ 08607

Thank You For Caring!

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